Great Style, Naturally

How does Alpaca Compare to Wool?

  • Alpaca is four times warmer.

  • Alpaca whisks water 85 times faster. This makes it stain resistant. It doesn’t absorb odors, even when you store it, and therefore needs less washing.

  • No Lanolin- It is the lanolin in wool that causes most allergic reactions.  

  •  “Smart” fabric. It senses when you change temperatures.  This is what makes the socks so popular. Your feet will be warm when you are outside, but won’t sweat when you come inside. You can wear your item through the seasons.

  • Very lightweight for the warmth. 

  • Great for travel across town or across the globe. Throw your sweater or scarf in your bag. It takes up very little space and looks great when you pull it out to wear it.

  • Alpaca is sustainable and no animals are hurt in the making of our products. 

Shipping Delayed

June 16- July 5, 2021

Our staff will be in Peru during this time acquiring and photographing new products. Stay tuned! Normal shipping will resume July 5. Thank you for your patience!


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