June 17 - 25, 2021



Sacred Valley Excursion Sampler - Double Occupancy

  • Congratulations! You will be joining us for an unforgettable experience of the Sacred Valley of Peru. COVID has made traveling difficult, and we want to provide a quick taste of what the Sacred Valley has to offer in an affordable package.

    • Single occupancy room with a million-dollar view.
    • Airport pickup and return.
    • Transportation to all Excursions.
    • The following excursion samples: (These are a taste of excursions we offer, not full tours)
    • Machu Picchu
    • Ketchua Village with a trilingual guide (English, Spanish, Ketchua)
    • All About Alpaca
    • Local Plants and Their Uses
    • Cusco City Tour
    • Street Food Excursion
    • Sacred Valley Ruins and Market
    • Humantay Lake
    • Also: Take part in an Alpaca product photoshoot.
    • Experience the annual Inti Raimi celebration.


    All you pay for is your flights and food.


    This is a great opportunity to experience the Sacred Valley with an amazing guide!