Why wear Alpaca?

Our products are made from 100% Baby Alpaca. Baby Alpaca fiber is the fiber, also referred to as “First Cut”, is from the very first shearing of the Alpaca. It is the softest. Because they only get this once per animal, it is more expensive and is often mixed with other fibers such as wool or synthetics to lower the cost. This affects the warmth and feel of the garment. 100% Baby Alpaca means that no other, lower-cost fiber has been mixed with the first cut fibers.

When compared to wool, Alpaca is 4x warmer. You don’t need big bulky sweaters or socks to be warm. Alpaca whisks moisture 85x faster than wool. This makes Alpaca stain resistant. It doesn’t absorb odors, even when you store it, and therefore needs less washing. Also, wool contains Lanolin, which many people are allergic to. Alpaca is hypo-allergenic and no chemicals are used in processing.

Alpaca is a smart fabric. First, it senses temperature. It keeps you warm when you are out in the cold, but doesn’t make you sweat when you go inside. Second, it does not have “memory”. This means that when you wash it, it doesn’t go back to its original shape. Instead, it fits better and better every time you wear it, even after washing. It just gets more and more comfortable.

Alpaca is sustainable. The animals themselves have a very small environmental footprint.  Alpaca are sheared so no animals are injured to make our products.  When you buy Alpaca products, you support indigenous farmers.  Alpaca naturally comes in many colors, but where dyes are used, they are made from plants, not chemicals.

When you wear Alpaca you look good, and you can feel good about wearing it!